What kind products we aim to build?

The products that accompany you every day
must not be fragile or bluffing,
nor exaggerate or disguise.

A good product
relieves you, not distracts you.

It's our belief that
every design should make sense.

In 1837,
a Danish author wrote:
When people flattered how beautiful the emperor's new clothes were,
A little boy said:
But he has nothing on.

We don't know what would happen to the little boy
in the real world,
but remain curious about
how honesty and courage can make this universe a better place.

With this belief, we founded this company,
gathering a group of "little boys".
We are not alone. For we know you are next.

Mediocrity undermines greatness.

——Chip Wilson

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We welcome all kinds of talents.
Please send us a note of 500 words on how, in ways big or small, you can add greatness to the mediocrity of the world.

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