Martian Sunset

Not an echo.

Martian Sunset™ phone case
Protecting the heart of expedition
in a lonely space odyssey.

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For iPhone, every tenth of a millimeter thinner,
there's a tremendous amount of effort behind.
How to keep iPhone thin and light?
That's where our design thinking begins.





Safe fall height


Leave iPhone
as iPhone is.

Once experienced,
you can never go back.

Holding your phone 8 hours a day?
Experience the incomparable relief of freeing your wrist.

Space material,
born to be bold.

Using ultralight space material Vectran™,
setting a new world record, but still offering adequate protection.

Protector for
Mars Rover Sojourner
Protector for your iPhone

In 1997's NASA Mars Pathfinder Mission,
Vectran™ successfully helped Sojourner to make a soft landing on the surface of Mars.

In July 4,1997, The Mars Pathfinder released the Sojourner Mars rover. The rover (stowed within the airbag) impacted on the surface at a velocity of about 46 feet per second (14 meters per second) generating about 18 g's of acceleration.

The package bounced at least 15 times before coming to rest, after which the airbags deflated revealing the lander. The airbag is made of Vectran™.

With a diameter of just 1mm, Vectran fiber can lift the weight of 150kg, twice as strong as synthetic materials such as Kevlar. It can prevent airbag from being punctured by rocks or broken when it bounces. At the same time, it is also heat resistant, deformation resistant as well as low temperature resistant.

When designing the airbag system for the 1997 Mars Pathfinder mission, design firm ILC Dover once reported that The Vectran™ remains powerfully strong at -62°C.

Vectran can be also used in space suits for NASA's human spaceflight.

Mars Pathfinder commemorative stamp,
with the airbag made of Vectran™ on it

Now, after the trip on Mars, Vectran™ deforms into the protector for your tech gear, ready to provide the ultra-light but effective protection.

the motto of the pioneer.

Since August 2012, the Curiosity flew off the earth with the curiosity of humankind, it has been traveling for 10 years on Mars.
newcloth created V-jacquard™, using blue Vectran fiber to knit into unique texture, just like the ruts that the Curiosity left on the Mars.

0/Mars Day
The Curiosity was sent to the surface of Mars in August 2012 carrying the largest and most advanced scientific research instrument ever built on a mission to determine the habitability of the Red Planet. It has now been traveling on Mars for 10 years and may never return to Earth.

The wheel of Curiosity

Since Curiosity's main exploration target is Mars's craters, the rover's journey on Mars has been bumpy all the time, climbing craters and hills.

To prevent sidescarping, Curiosity replaced Mars Spirit & Opportunity's parallel wheel pattern with a chevron bend to better travel on sand. This is what the Wheel of Curiosity leaves its unique imprint on the sandy surface of Mars.

Find the rover

Neo Structure
New Record

Innovative magnet outboard design
created the neo concept of Ultra-thin.
Using the second generation of the magnetic module
MagSafe magnetic force is increased by 62.5%.

7 series aero duralumin lens ring,
220 mesh ultrafine shot blast anodic oxidation,
laser carving, sculpt the sound of faith

Blue Sunset belong to Mars

Logo designing with glass ceramics, setting beside the millimeter microwave antenna, makes the millimeter microwave still powerful even covered by a phone case. The glass ceramics of our limitied edition has special optical sensing function. Glass color will change when exposed to the ultraviolet light, just like the blue sunset on the Mars.

Why the Martian Sunset is blue?
Because of the light scattering, the sunlight is more intense at sunset on earth, as it is on Mars. But the difference is that the dust particles on Mars are just the right size of blue light to penetrate the atmosphere. So, at the sunset moment on Mars, the orange sky is filled with a blue glow.

A picture of Martian sunset captured by NASA's Mars exploration rover Opportunity in November 2010.

Every legend
starts with someone's obsession.

Hyperbola edge
Make iPhone's right-angle bezel rounded and unclenched
Open charging port design
adapts to more music docks and drone remotes
Crystallite glass logo
Ion exchange Nanocrystalline,
10 times harder than regular glass
Key button indicators
Easy to recognize key button position
when the phone is face down
Unique spacesuit-like particle touch
Feels delicate and warm
Enhance friction